Book Covers

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015.I have a self-imposed deadline. I’m aiming to have the first series of stories I am working on ready for sale by the end of this year. A lofty goal, for sure.

The goal for May and April was to find a book cover. I know zilch about such things, but the prices were out of my range when I did my online search.

Then I found I was impressed, and started looking at graphic designers.

NOTE: One thing I don’t like about this site is that I was unable to search for a graphic designer by location. I wanted someone within Maine – where I reside – but had no way to look for those specific people.  😦  This did not make me happy.

At any rate, I chose to stick with people from the US, and was researching them when something happened at my day job. Things are uncertain there, as everything is changing so quickly. I no longer feel comfortable guessing how much money I will have for such projects as book covers for my short stories. Hopefully things will work out, but I do not want to put off publication of the first series. I have been waiting long enough.

So I had to learn how to make book covers myself. Not that I wanted to. There really was no desire to do such a thing. Panic was felt every time I thought about that possibility, but there seems to be no other choice. I used, and made myself learn the steps needed to pull this off.

If I used my own photographs it would be free to make each of them. By no means a professional photographer, I decided to go for it.

While the book covers are not exactly what I wanted, they’ll be fine. The design is clean, and the title and my name are readable. And, when I make it big, I will have a professional do my covers. (Crossing my fingers!) Hopefully someone local.

Why local? I want to support my community, my state, and my country – in that order.

If any of you have experience with creating book covers, tips are welcome.


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