DSCN01985337I have been so busy with my project! I have three mini story parts written to go along with the four-story series I am planning to publish by the end of this year. The mini stories have been edited, and all I have left to o for them is to enter the edits in the documents. It is all done on the hard copies.

Also, I am tweaking my pre-marketing/marketing/post-marketing plans, and well as figuring out what to do for marketing over the course of the year after the big post-marketing tasks are done.

There is a need for me to learn more about self-publishing, and I am doing that now. I have read the Guide to Self-Publishing, done some online research, and brainstormed ideas. I have also created the book covers and graphics for this blog and my social and professional networks.

I am so excited about the #CampSeries, and I am really hoping you all enjoy the stories when they are ready!

Have you read Alone?

I posted it not too long ago for you to read. It is a work in progress.


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