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Copyright 2011 by Shannon L. Buck
Copyright 2011 by Shannon L. Buck

I am using to create the eBook cover and other graphics for the upcoming #CampSeries, and they are turning out pretty good. I am happy to have found this site, and recommend it to others who need to make their own covers. It is all free, unless you want to use their photos. I do not. I am using photographs I have taken over the years.

The plan is to still use a professional for these tasks for future stories, when I have the money available.

I’ve also pretty much completed the edits on three of the stories, though I am trying to add more words to one of them because it does not seem long enough to me. Each is a short story, but I want to be sure you are getting something worthwhile.

It is amazing the amount of time it takes to get a few short stories ready. Writing, multiple edits, graphics and eBook covers, marketing/promotional plan, etc. There is a lot to it, that’s for sure.

So I wanted to check in and let you know that, yes, I am still working to get this series out to you. And I am getting closer each week. I’m still planning to have them ready before the end of the year.

Be sure to sign up to receive updates, and notice of when each story is published. Do this from the side bar to the right.

Shannon L. Buck


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