Update on the Series

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015.Happy New Year!

I have worked steadily on the story series I had hoped to get out by the end of 2015, but have discovered there just was not enough time to get everything ready for publication.

I am fine with that. It takes a lot to write a story, prepare it for publication, and to publish it, and I am so happy with the progress thus far. So, dear reader, I’ll be getting them published as soon as possible.

Much has been completed, from the four edits, to the eBook covers and the other graphics. Now I am working on getting them formatted correctly before publishing, and I have to add the front matter and the back matter to each eBook.

I do have a day job that takes up much of my time, but I will be spending plenty more hours getting these stories out to you as quickly as possible. I honestly had no idea how much time some of the steps in publishing a series would take. I know now, however, and will keep it in mind for the next story or series. I’ll definitely be planning more time for these activities. However, I’ve been reassured that, as I get more used to self-publishing, I’ll be able to get through each step more quickly. I hope so.

Be sure to sign up for blog updates, if you haven’t already, so you’ll know as soon as each eBook is published.




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