The Bear

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2011Dear Diary,

We went up to camp today. Nothing much happened, but Grampy did shoot a bear. All of us kids went into the old shed and it was hanging there from a chain that hung down from the ceiling. That bear was so big! And black.

I felt kind of sad about the big ol’ bear, though. Don’t know why. My cousins and brother poked at it, but I didn’t want to touch it.

“What if it wasn’t Grampy?” asked Carl.

“What do you mean?” asked my brother, Tommy.

Carl looked from me to Jenny to Alex. “You know who I think it was, don’t you?”

“Who?” Tommy asked again.

I looked at Carl, and he said “No one you know. Come on, let’s get out of here. It’s getting dark.”

We hurried the younger kids back to the camp. We were all staying the night and dinner was on the table when we got inside. There was deer meat, potatoes and corn on the cob, along with homemade bread. It was all so good, I had seconds.

When dinner was over, the women got the little ones ready for bed. Dad said, “The rest of you can go outside to play. Just stay right out front here.”

We couldn’t move. We didn’t want to go out there. “B-but Dad,” Carl stammered. “The Boogie Man will get us.”

Our parents just looked at us, then began laughing. “There’s no such thing as the Boogie Man, now go out and play for a while,” Uncle Ben said.

We went outside, like we were told. Carl said he had to go to the outhouse anyway. We all went with him, figuring we were safer if we stayed together. We went slow, and stayed close together all the way. After Carl went, Jenny and I did. Then Alex went in. Being outside was the scariest thing. Every little noise made us jump. When Alex came out, we ran back to the camp as fast as we could.

Quietly opening the door to the porch, not brave enough to stay out we sat inside the enclosed porch and talked quietly so our parents wouldn’t hear us. We kept hearing something crashing through the trees around the outhouse, and knew it was the Boogie Man. At times we were so scared we could hardly breathe. We were happy when it was finally time to go in and go to bed.


This diary entry is from a little girl, Jessica, who is the main character in the #CampSeries, a group of published stories by me. I’m very excited about these stories, and hope you will enjoy them. If you’ve been following along on this blog, then you know how hard I’ve been working on these stories, and some of what I have learned along the way. 

This entry is the introductory mini story for the series. To read more, get the stories on Start with Rascal. Enjoy the series. Point others to the ebooks. And leave reviews for each. Thank you!

Happy Reading!


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