Published! Rascal by Shannon L. Buck

Graphic and Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2016 using Canva.comI can’t express how excited I am to have the first story published to Amazon. The other 3 will be published there as well, not long from now. One of my goals is finally being realized, and I’ve worked so hard for it.

It is my hope that you enjoy this short story, and the new ones I’ll be posting soon, and that you’ll share them with anyone you know who will also enjoy them, if you do like it. I know I write reviews and/or share information and links to books that I enjoy.

What is Rascal about? These quotes from the story, and the description after, will give you an idea.

“The Mountain is also a dark place of mysteries, with a history of torture and war.”

“We didn’t want to go, but we knew we would be in trouble if we didn’t obey. We walked back to camp slowly…”

After befriending a raccoon, Jessica and her cousins learn a disturbing truth about some of their elders. What secret presents itself to the children of the mountain in this first of four stories?

  1. Read the main character’s first diary entry, The Bear.
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  3. Read the first story in the 4 part series, Rascal, which was published to this week!
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  5. Share this post and/or the short story on social media, as well as with friends and family. Again, if you like the story. And again, I hope you do.

Enjoy the read!

Shannon L. Buck


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