I Told

Graphic and Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2016 using Canva.comNote: If you want to read everything in this series in order, start with The Bear, and then read Rascal before moving on to this entry.

Dear Diary,

We went to camp again. I noticed the adults take gas out of each others’ cars. That is so mean!

Anyway, Mom and Dad left us in the car. It was so dark and spooky. We sat there for a long time, our eyes big as we stared out the windows. I could feel my heart beat, all the way up into my throat. I couldn’t believe they left us out there all alone! They think I’m big enough to watch my sister and brother while they go inside to talk, but I’m not. I am not happy, and I’m tired.

My brother, Tommy, said he had to go to the bathroom and got out of the car. When he came back I was glad it hadn’t gotten him. “Weren’t you scared?” I asked.

“No, why should I be?”

“You didn’t hear anything strange?”


I decided I had to tell Tommy and Mary about the Boogie Man. “Carl told me and Jenny and Alex about a man who’s out there at night.” I said. “He is called the Boogie Man, and he grabs you when you go outside to go to the bathroom at night. He’s big, with raggedy clothes. He stinks real bad because he never takes a bath or brushes his teeth. He doesn’t even have all of his teeth! He is mean and snarls at you, and he will touch you where he shouldn’t. And then he’ll eat you.”

“Nuh-uh,” Tommy said, shaking his head at me.

“Yes-uh,” I said back.

“How does Carl know that? I bet he lied!”

“No, he didn’t. Really. I now.”

“How do you know?” asked Mary.

“Because Aunt Carol told him.”

“Oh,” they said together, looking out the windows. We all know that Aunt Carol always tells us the truth.

“He sounds bad,” Mary whispered.

When Mom and Dad finally came back out to the car, my brother and sister told on me. Can you believe that? Like I had done something wrong instead of warn them. Dad told me to stop telling them stories, as he started driving off. I didn’t talk to my brother and sister all the way home. And it was a long ride.

They’ll see I’m telling the truth. I am not lying! They’ll see when the Boogie Man gets them because no one will bring them to the outhouse!



NOTE: Read the next book on the #CampSeries, A Trip to the Outhouse.

Shannon L. Buck

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