Published! Auntie’s Boyfriend

Cover and Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015 via Canva.comI published the third eBook in the #CampSeries, Auntie’s Boyfriend, This week, and it is ready for you to read. Here is the description of the story.

Sometimes strange things happen on the mountain, like pets disappearing. Or toys. Or even people. No one knows where they go, just that they are gone. Or, at least, that is what the grownups tell the children.

What if the grownups know more than what they are letting on? What if they know where all the missing things and people are, but just wont say? What if they don’t?

After all, it isn’t just children the denizens of the dark take. It can be anyone. Even adults who no longer believe.

Jessica and her cousins learn that even adults are not safe on the mountain, after something happens to their aunt’s boyfriend. Find out what happened in part 3 of The Camp Series, Auntie’s Boyfriend.

I hope you enjoy the book and, if you do, I invite you to leave a review on or rate it on Feel free to subscribe in the sidebar to the right, for an update when the fourth and last story in the #CampSeries is published.

Happy reading!

Shannon L. Buck

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