Published! Hidden Camp

Photograph/Bookcover by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015 via Canva.comThe last in The #CampSeries, at least for now. I may or may not have a glimmer of an idea for another story or two, but I’m nowhere near ready to work on it. I have other writings I’m working on right now, both fiction and nonfiction, that are equally as important to me.

For now, I want you to enjoy this story, and the previous ones. Hidden Camp is darker than Rascal, A Trip to The Outhouse, and Auntie’s Boyfriend, and about twice as long. Well worth the read if you want to understand the history of ‘the mountain’ a little more.

There are secrets on the mountain. Things adults know but don’t tell their children. The young hear bits and pieces of conversations and become intrigued. They want to explore. Discover.

Without knowing all the details, they can’t make good decisions. Their curiosity takes them on journey’s they later wish they never went on. It shows them things they wish they never saw.

Some places on the mountain are haunted by those who lived before. People who died violent deaths, or those who did the killing. Bad things do not only happen to adults on the mountain. Children are not safe either.

Sometimes, a fabled monster turns out to be real.

The darkest of The Camp Series stories, Hidden Camp is also the longest. Will Jessica and her cousins learn the truth about the Boogie Man. About, at least, some of the mysteries of the mountain. Follow along on an adventure of frightening truths.

Grab a cup of tea, or coffee, and sit down to read Hidden Camp. And the rest of the stories if you haven’t read them yet.

Thank you.

Shannon L. Buck


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