Updating the Blog; And the Process

17148_231698727667_7370565_nIt is my hope to, at some point, have a more professional blog or site for the fiction I write. For now, I’m making some updates to this blog.

When you publish eBooks, even if they are only short stories, there is a lot of other stuff you have to do. These days, you can’t just write the books and send them off for someone else to do all the work. Whether you self-publish or traditionally publish, you’ll need to do more work. And I self-published, so I’ll have to do a whole lot more work. It seems never-ending, but I plug away at it as I can.

Today, I am plugging away at it.

You’ve already read about some of the things I did before the publication of the #CampSeries. Because I decided to publish through Amazon.com, I had to do some work when uploading the eBook covers and manuscripts. Those tasks included such things as adding a description, deciding on prices, and adding tags and keywords (and I’m not even sure if I chose the right ones!).

Then I had to wait, so I worked more on the promotional plan each day, tweaking it as I thought necessary. The wait was not long, less than a day each time I published a story, which I was thankful for. Once published, it shows up on Amazon for selling, but not directly on your author page. You still have to wait a matter of hours to see it there, as long as you have captured the title once it was published.

I then got down to the business of (more) promotion. Just before and after each story was on my author page. What did I do? Here are some of the steps I took, though there were likely more. Some of it was kind of a blur. In no particular order:

Quite a bit of work, and I know there were a bunch more things I did. Maybe I’ll write a book about it all sometime, lol. I also know there will be a lot more to do in the future for each eBook.

My point? There is a whole lot of work behind not just the writing and publishing aspects of eBooks, but also the promotional end. I have a far better understanding of what authors before me (and those coming after) have to go through. The sheer number of hours spent from the glimmer of an idea to publishing and selling just one eBook are uncountable, because your doing things even when you don’t know you are.

And this is why I vow to:

  1. Buy more physical and eBooks from authors I admire.
  2. Read new authors works.
  3. Rate and review every single book I enjoy or take even just one thing away from.
  4. Help other authors, whom I particularly enjoy reading, with their promotional efforts in any way I can.

And I hope others do the same for me, because the sheer amount of work we put into each piece of work deserves to be read. And all authors deserve to be paid.

Have you published? How did it go? What publishing and promotional tactics did you use? Please share your advice and books in the comments, or email me at shannonlbuck@gmail.com. I obviously can’t buy everyone’s books, but I ‘ll do what I can.

And please read my stories and #sharetheluv by reviewing, rating, and sharing the stories if you enjoy them.

Thank you!

Shannon L. Buck


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