New Story Published: Bang!

EBook cover by Shannon L. Buck via, March 2016My daughter Zowie offered to do some editing for me, so she is working through a bunch of stories I wrote while I am working on ebook covers and other graphics. Love her to pieces for that. So expect some more ebook announcements during the next couple of months. So thankful she is doing this for me. Editing is not one of my favorite things ever.

Bang! is one of the stories she edited for me. It is a quick read, and she says it is one of her favorites. You can read it for only .99.



“Please, don’t go out there,” she said, worriedly. “You don’t know what it could be.”

Imagine waking in the middle of the night to a loud noise, going outside to check out the situation only to be faced with terror you could never have imagined. This was the situation on the mountain one night when Sean and Sidney woke suddenly to noises they weren’t accustomed to hearing. What did Sean find when he ventured outside?

Enjoy the read!

Shannon L. Buck


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