More Plans

dscn01002007-08-18_18-06-39.jpgI’ve been told by a few people lately that I am so busy. I certainly am. I’m one of those people who almost always has something she is doing. Otherwise, I’m bored; I don’t like being bored. That’s not to say I don’t take time off. Sunday was a break day for me, in fact. I need to have a day here and there to recharge. Doesn’t everyone?

During my day off I took a nice long walk to give some thought to my next steps concerning the fiction part of my life, and I thought I’d share here on the blog.

  1. There will, of course, be more stories. I’ve published 6 so far this year, and have many more to publish as well. They are all short stories, some longer than others. I’m looking for more places to publish them, or at least to get the word out, and am editing each with my daughter to be sure to catch any typos.
  2. I want to create a website or new blog, with its’ own domain name, for my fiction. This means I may be moving everything to a new home, but I’ll be sure to let everyone subscribed to this blog know when it happens. I want a better look, and hopefully a shorter URL.
  3. Once the new blog or site is up, I plan to take Zowie up on her offer to create a Facebook Page to go along with it. Hopefully everyone will join me there as well. I hear we’re not supposed to be doing much promotion of our own products on our personal Facebook pages, but I want to keep everyone in the loop about my writing.


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