New Story Published! Alone

Ebook cover by Shannon L. Buck copyright April 17, 2016 via
Ebook cover by Shannon L. Buck copyright April 17, 2016 via

It has been a whirlwind of editing, having Zowie edit, and editing again, as well as formatting documents, uploading them to and, creating eBook covers and other graphics to upload places, and marketing and promotional tasks, for 7 short stories and 2 nonfiction books, this year. And I’m not done yet. Also, I still have a ton of new story ideas I’m anxious to get started on. All this on top of my day job. (Yes, I have one of those.)

On April 17 I started the process to publish my new short story, Alone. Another short-short, as I refer to them (correctly or not). Here are the details!


You’ve watched the members of your family die from a disease they cannot name. One they cannot stop. Then, when no one is left for you to turn to, the disease catches up with you. Do you stay at the hospital knowing they can’t help? Knowing there is no hope? Or, do you follow your instincts and do what you want?

It is a lonely world when you are alone.

This story, believe it or not, was the most read of all the stories I had offered as free reads before final editing, with A Trip to the Outhouse (part 2 of the #CampSeries, coming in a close second). I was surprised, but people seemed to like it.

In all honesty, I didn’t think either of those stories would be as well-liked as they were. I was pleased, though, and they were at the top of my list of stories to start selling. Each has been edited, changing some things up a little, so they would be well worth a second read.

At any rate, Alone is ready to be purchased and read.

And please, leave a review on when you’re done reading, and/or rate the book on


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