I Write What I Want

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015. Orono, Maine.
Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright 2015. Orono, Maine.

I see a lot of articles with this advice: Choose a genre and stick with it, at least in the beginning until you gain a lot of followers.

That advice does not work for me. I need to feel free to express my creativity, and that means writing what I want, no matter the genre. I don’t want to feel strapped down to one genre for any amount of time. That is not what makes me happy. I need to be able to bounce back and forth as I feel the need.

Granted, I do write a lot of horror/thriller/paranormal, but I write other things as well. And I want to write in these other genres, if the writing mood takes me there.

Why not? I’m spreading my wings to fly. That cannot be a bad thing.

At times, I also write some risky things. They may push the envelope on what is appropriate, and bring my writing to new levels. This is also a good thing, even though it means I can’t always market to a younger audience.

This is fine. Other famous writers write to adults, teens, and children. Just look at R.L. Stine. I’ve enjoyed his books since I was a teenager, and my daughters enjoyed them while growing up. He is a great writer.

I feel it is important to follow my dreams, on my own terms.

How about you?


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