Organizing Story Ideas

Ebook cover by Shannon L. Buck via copyright 2016.
Ebook cover by Shannon L. Buck via copyright 2016.

I’ve been busily working on a few different stories. When I run out of ideas for one story, I move on to another, etc., etc. I go back to a story when I have fresh ideas. Sometimes later that day, other times maybe not for a week or so. When I feel like I already have enough stories going, but don’t know what to do with them, I go through my writing prompts journal.

This journal is almost full of fiction writing prompts, with only a few blank pages left to fill. Most of the prompts are written, but some are photos that spark interesting story lines.

I’ve looked through this journal, noting any prompts that might be helpful in finishing the stories I’m working on, when I realized some of the prompts were generating theme ideas for series of other stories. I decided I needed to group them together somehow.

I had enough prompts to create 5 different story series, so I started a document on my laptop for each and copied the prompts into the proper documents. Now I have 5 nice collections. I’ll print them off, and make a physical folder for them to add the photo prompts. I crossed the prompts out of my journal as I entered them into the documents.

Now the prompts for each series will be far easier to find, and I have less to read through in the journal when looking for new ideas.

Keep writing. Keep reading.


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