Happenings in My Fictional World

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright April 2016. Fiction journal.
Photograph by Shannon L. Buck copyright April 2016. Fiction Journal.

I’ve been busy as of late. So many thoughts going through my head, I feel like now is the time to get as much done as possible.

My prompts journal is almost full, so I’ll be needing to start another one. I bought a new journal for this purpose, but I also read through all the ones in the original journal. I wanted to group like prompts together; ones that I could create different story series with. I started a new document on my laptop for each series and typed the chosen prompts into the proper one, then printed each document and created a physical folder for each. Later, each folder will hold a hard copy of all the stories for the given series. Trying to keep everything organized.

I’ve also taken notes for a few other story ideas I have in my head. These notes I write out, usually on yellow or purple legal pads. They’re kept handy for when more ideas present themselves.

I’m writing a story, making progress on it each week. I have new ideas for it in my head every day, so I keep my pad of paper nearby for that story as well.

And then there is the new website I’m working on. The theme I chose is not cooperating with my efforts to create the front page I want, so I’ll be rethinking how the site will look. Creating a website takes a lot of work. I’ll let you know as soon as the new site is ready. That is where I’ll be posting from now on, once it is all set up. I’m hoping you will all follow me over there.

The girls at Aroma Joe’s now know what I’m going to order when I get there, I’ve been visiting so much. Usually an iced mint tea, nothing added, and an oatmeal, but I’ve recently tried their iced chai tea and it is delicious.

I do manage to have some fun between my day job and my writing. Recently, I spent a few days down south visiting my daughter Zowie’s family, for my grandsons first birthday celebration. And later this month the bestest and I will be taking a day trip up north, to visit my daughter Skye and her boyfriend. I love spending time with my girls.

Are you looking for something to read this summer? Check out the Camp Series: Rascal, A Trip to the Outhouse, Auntie’s Boyfriend, and Hidden Camp.


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