New Site is Ready! And Thank You.


UPDATE: Find out more about my new story, We Can See You, over on the new, recently updated, blog. Don’t miss out!

My new author site is ready, and I’m so excited to share it with you. It has taken me weeks to get this site up and running, and I know you will enjoy it.

I’ve been told the new site looks more professional than this blog, and that is a relief.

I’m sure I’ll be tweaking the new site here and there, so there will likely be some changes before long, but it is looking pretty good right now. Please head on over and check it out.

While there, I hope you’ll sign up to receive updates on the site as I’ll be closing this blog down in the near future. I’ll no longer be posting updates here.

And please share the new site with others who will enjoy the stories.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along my journey so far, reading my blog and my stories, and signing up for updates. I appreciate you more than you can know. Without you, I might not have had the courage to move forward with my fiction writing.

Please continue to follow along by signing up for updates on the new site.

Thank you,


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