New Year Goal (2017): Publish More Stories

On the other site I mentioned a fiction new year goal for 2017 was to publish more stories. Did I pull it off?

I sure did!

It was so important to me to reach this goal that, despite a very rocky start to 2017, I managed to pick myself up and work hard to get some stories published before the year was out. What were the stories? Allow me to introduce you to some of what I was up to last year:

As you can see, I was a bit busy at the holidays – when I finally got around to doing this. What was I doing for my writing before I did all this? Writing the first drafts of four novellas, editing the above short stories, auditing my blog Frugal Recipes: Spending Less to Eat Healthy, working on my site, and creating book covers that I hope pass muster with all of you. Admittedly, I’m not all that experienced with book cover creation. I do feel as though I’m getting better at it though. Consider the 2016 book covers I created:

What do you think? I still have plenty to learn, but I’m getting a bit better. These covers will do for now, though. Lesson for you: Go ahead and try. You can’t do worse than me.

Each of these short stories are on Please check them out. I’ll be posting more about each of the 2017 stories here on the blog soon enough, but that does not mean you cannot wander over there and see what you think. I’d appreciate it if you did!

All we can do as authors on budgets is the best we can at each stage of our writing careers. No one can ask for more. I know what I want when I do have the money:

  • Someone to create book covers and other graphics.
  • An editor.
  • Someone to put in charge of most of the marketing/promotional stuff.

I just love to write. ❤


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