Successful Writing Days

I was lucky, after having so many unsuccessful writing days last year, to have a good long stretch of successful ones. I’d actually missed all the writing during the time I wasn’t able to do much. I’m not a fan of being sick, and hadn’t been that bad off in several years.

Photograph copyright January 9, 2018. I finally started feeling better and was able to concentrate once again on my passion for writing, I wrote like crazy – every chance I got.

I spent much of that time at Aroma Joe’s. It’s right up the street from me, and I can write either inside or out, depending on my mood. And they don’t mind when someone goes in a sits for hours. They are a good bunch of people. I love their mint tea, and they give me a free refill every time I buy one – meaning I can write longer! I will usually go there for breakfast or lunch.

Sometimes I’d sit there for two or three house, three times a week, plugging away at one novella or another. I’m a regular customer, so they know my order when I arrive.

I finished a novella I had started the previous year, then wrote three more! These manuscripts haven’t been edited yet, and I probably wont get to that this year with all the other publishing I’ll be doing, but I impressed myself by finishing so many first drafts in a year.

You see, I joke that I have Adult ADD, because my mind is so all over the place I cannot usually concentrate on anything more than a short story long enough to finish writing. I am proud of myself.

Warmest wishes,




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