I’ve done this minimally, mainly in my head, for the past several years. I’m going to have to record all of it, though, because I keep adding more and more stories to Tales from the Mountain and Tales from the Woods, and now I have Tales of Magick. It’s getting more and more difficult to keep things straight.

This winter may find me creating maps, filing information, and doing anything else necessary to keep my thoughts in order.

So I am reading up on worldbuilding, seeing what others do, wondering how to implement different things – as well as taking into consideration what will actually work for me.

Some important ways for me to record information will be in mapping out where the communities on the mountain or within the woods are located, as well as how each ‘neighborhood’ is set up. I’ll need to document the folklore I’ve come up with for each of my ‘worlds’, and create family trees. Make note of historical factors, and consider the mindsets of the different types of people that are encountered as we go further up the mountain or deeper into the woods.

For Tales of Magick, I need to record details of history, as well as the future (at least somewhat), and religious aspects of what has and will happen. I’ll also need to outline the powers/talents that the character has, and what created the problems that led to so many deaths.

It seems like there will be a lot to it, but I’ll feel better when I have everything recorded.




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