Dream Desk and Office Setup

What writer doesn’t have a dream desk and office setup? Unless they already have theirs, of course. I have a dream space in my mind.

On the surface it seems easy enough, doable. In the small house I want it will be set up on the living room side of the wall between that room and the kitchen, near a window.

The desk will be a long one, with one end being set up as a normal desk for sitting at. The other end I want raised, with a stool. Why raised? Well, because I have problems sitting for long periods of time. I can start out that way, but then I have to stand. And once I’ve stood for a bit, I need to sit down. I figure if I have this type of setup, I’ll be all set.

Of course this would mean I need two laptops, which leaves me wondering if there is some sort of setup where I can link the two. One where, when I need to stand I can immediately go to the other laptop and what I was working on with the first laptop is automatically there on the screen of the second. If you have an answer to this, please let me know!

Since this will be a long desk, I figure that the file cabinets I’ll need can go under the desk, and I can hang shelves above for journals and whatnot. I’ll also need a storage cupboard for office supplies.

I realize I may need to have this setup built specifically to my space, and that may be costly. I am fine with this.

Do you have a dream office space?


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