Published: The Old Shack in the Woods

It is a rainy winter morning here in my little area of Maine. The sidewalks are covered in snow, making it difficult to judge where the icy spots are, and the driveways are slushy mess.

I’m sitting at Aroma Joe’s, ready to begin the promotional activities for The Old Shack in the Woods. Another woman who I’ve seen here often just walked over to me.  “I heard you say once that you were a writer,” she says to me, telling me she won’t bother me if I don’t want her to. We talk for a few minutes, her asking me if I have published anything. I tell her I sell some stories on Amazon, and she tells me she’s thought about writing as well. We discuss OpenOffice, Word, and Google Docs minimally, then she tells me she admires me for what I am doing.

I love these little conversations with people, and they help to keep me motivated. So if you see me out and about, and you want to say hi, please do. If I have time to chat, I will.

Without further delay, here is what I want you to know about the new book:

Ebook cover graphic copyright January 2018, by Shannon L. Buck.

The Old Shack in the Woods is another stand-alone story from Tales from the Mountain. While heading back after a day of skiing on the mountain, Claire and Shaw get lost during an unexpected storm. With too much wind to continue on, they stop for a night at what seems to be a quaint little cottage. When the two wake the next morning, they are in for the shock of their lives; something they cannot explain.

$1.99 on Amazon



Head on over and check it out. Enjoy the read!

Warmest wishes,


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