Where I love to Write

I’ve mentioned before how much I love to write while at Aroma Joe’s. I think the background noise helps me to focus. The background noise is one of the things I miss about when my daughters were teenagers. I don’t know why I need it, but I do.

Pond at The Gardens
Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright May 18, 2016.

There are other places I enjoy writing as well. The Gardens is one of those places. Usually I’ll pack what I’m working on into a bag, pack a light lunch and some water, and head out to walk for an hour or two, then I’ll walk around The Gardens taking pictures until I’m ready to eat. I sit somewhere near the pond, eat my lunch while taking in the beauty around me, and then work on whatever writing project is most important to me at the time. There isn’t usually a lot of noise, but my mind can pick out chatter so I can concentrate.

I will sometimes go to the park to write, enjoying the fresh air and the view of the river. The park itself has beautiful scenery. Again, my ears search out the chatter or the birdsong, and I’m able to concentrate enough to get some writing done.

Those are my favorite places to write at this time, though I used to get a lot down at the riverfront park in Old Town as well.




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