Two Go Missing During Ski Trip on the Mountain

February 5th, 2018.

Claire Jackson, age 19, and Shaw Williams, age 20, were last seen on February first. They had gone up the mountain with friends, and then had gone off on their own to ski and do some snowshoeing. They left the cabin at eight o’clock on the first, and weren’t seen again.

No one understands what could have happened. There were no storms for them to get lost in, and all efforts to follow their trail have brought nothing to light. The ski trail they forged came out to the edge of the woods at Four-Corners, the intersection of the two main roads on the mountain, and then disappeared.

After a three day search, there is still no sign of them. Authorities and their family and friends are not giving up though. The search continues.

This incident serves as a reminder that the mountain can be a dangerous place. Be sure when you go up there that you are not alone, and leave a note or map with loved ones showing exactly where you plan to be.


Ebook cover graphic copyright January 2018, by Shannon L. Buck. read about what happened to Claire and Shaw while they were away from their friends on the mountain, read the short story The Old Shack in the Woods.

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