Writing is Fun!

I don’t know if you’ve guessed this about me yet, but I love to write. It is a release of sorts, helping with stress, anxiety, and boredom; but it’s also fun! How else can a girl create new worlds and surround herself with interesting characters?

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, copyright January 17, 2018. https://www.amazon.com/Shannon-Buck/e/B01AIXHW0Y/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1From the pre-planning stages when the idea first takes root, to the planning out of the setting and plot, the creation of characters, and finally the writing of the story, it’s like I’m on a new adventure. Every. Single. Time. It’s amazing!

During these times I want the world to back off, letting me enjoy the process to the fullest so I can delve in as deeply as possible; work it all out on paper or the computer screen; often both. All I want is tea, food, and a place to sit and work.

This is why I write. ❤


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