Writing Happens Like Magic

Wednesday I took a personal day. No work. No stresses. Relaxing, watching television, cooking, and spending the night at my daughters. It was nice. Personal days are great for clearing your mind; freeing up those creative juices.


My muse loved it.

Thursday afternoon, sitting at my desk at work, I had an inkling of an idea for a new story. Friday morning, before catching the bus for my shift at the inn, I was typing away in Google Docs on a new story. It happened that quickly.


Today I spent a couple of hours working on the story before doing other writing related tasks.

I literally started with:

Girl is sitting at a restaurant on New Year’s Eve. Boyfriend calls to tell her he’d be there in ten minutes. Never shows. Not first time. Cute waiter. She orders, plans the coming year in journal she carries with her everywhere.

By the next morning I was working with this additional information:

Breaks up with boyfriend. He turns crazy. Scares her. Needs to get police involved. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

There you have it. From that tiny beginning I’ve written ten pages. So far. And I will likely write more this afternoon.

It sometimes seems like magic, how the tiniest idea can grow into something huge. I have no middle or ending to the story, but I have a note pad (gift from my sister!) and a favorite pen for note-taking, and I’m starting to build character profiles. All of this note-taking will grow over time, into something that will not likely make sense to anyone but me. And all of that will morph into a story for you to enjoy.

And I think this one will be the start of a new series about crazy stalkers. Hopefully you’ll find each story to be an interesting read.

What do you think?


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