I Promised Myself I Would Relax

I was sick a couple of days last week, then worked all weekend at the inn, so I promised myself that I would relax every evening of my three days off. You gotta take care of yourself, right? I was still feeling wiped, still a little ill.

Yesterday I worked on the new story and did some other writing related tasks, then I did take the evening off. I wasn’t feeling good again. Besides feeling wiped, I was also feeling weak in the legs, and wasn’t even sure I could stand for more than a minute or two. I watched old Lifetime movies all evening and into the night, until I fell asleep.

Today I’m back to feeling wiped, and a little feverish, but fine otherwise. I did my writing this morning, worked on blogging tasks, and then started working on the story again. Five minutes ago I looked at the clock and saw it was 7:12 PM! And I still have more I want to write.

When my muse hits, she hits hard! It’s like I can’t help myself; I have to write. Sometimes my muse just does not want to let me rest.

On the up side, I have more written, and have added a little to my notes. Another key character has been added to the story, and things seem to be moving at a good pace.

Maybe tomorrow evening I’ll relax, but I’m going to get back to my writing for now. I am going to watch a movie before bed. Wanna learn more about my writing processes and projects? Sign up for my newsletter.

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via Canva.com. February 2018.

Happy reading!


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