Almost Time to Publish Another Story

When the girls were young teenagers I wrote a number of short stories. I’ve been adding to the collection every so often since then. These are the stories I’ve been publishing over the past couple of years. It took a lot of editing, and a lot of learning about graphics, formatting, social media, and more, to get me where I am now, with 13 published stories and more being published this year.

Even at the end of the year, I won’t have published them all.

I’ve come a long way. Sometimes the road has been stressful. Other times it has been incredible fun. And there are always new things to learn.

The Face in the Window Book CoverWhen it’s the most stressful, I wonder what the heck I am even doing publishing anything. This is when doubts enter my thought process and I ask myself things like, Why would anyone even want to read this? and Why even bother?!

And then there are the fun times, when I’m looking at at finished ebook, that I know:

  • It feels great to accomplish something so amazing.
  • I learned some interesting stuff about publishing or creating ebook covers or something else this time around.
  • I’ve worked long and hard to get this story published.
  • I know how I want to handle the publication of the next story!

The next story to be published (next week!) is called My Mother, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I wrote it just a couple of years ago, and it has since been through about five edits. The manuscript is ready, as is the ebook cover. It’s another short story, so will be a quick read.

And who wouldn’t want to know what horrible things

the mother in the story is up to?

Find out more in the new Tales from the Woods story.

Happy reading!



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