Progressing with the Stalker Story

I cannot work on my story right now because I’m promoting My Mother, but I’m taking notes as thoughts enter my head. I’d really like to be writing that story, but will have to wait until the bulk of the promotional stuff has been.

So far I’ve got six characters, four that are integral to the entire book, and one that soon will be. I have to work on the background of the stalker more, but that will happen over time. The sixth character? Well, once the house is bought the realtor will no longer be necessary.

So I’m working on character sketches, planning what demented things one man can do to a naturally positive thinking woman to make her crack, and working on setting. It’s a lot of work, but will be worth it in the end.

Not bad for something that started not long ago as just a little spark.

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via February 2018.

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