Published: My Mother

After a trying time that led me to working for hours to get this manuscript published, it is finally ready and on my sales page. I’m not sure what the problem was, but it caused me to create several versions of the manuscript in different formats, and a new eBook cover.

Finally I was able to get the manuscript through their process. It was late last night that I got the email saying the story was available on their store, and I captured the story then. When I woke this morning and checked, there it was on my sales page.

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via February 2018

Phew! For a while there I didn’t think this one was happening. Stressful situation, for sure. But new days bring more opportunities in the world of fiction writing, and here I am promoting the heck out of this story today.

There is so much to do. Most of the promotional process is done within a few long days, and some things are left to be done within the month. And then there is the continuing promotional efforts I’ve been learning about recently.

Publishing and selling books is exhausting, for sure, but I’m ecstatic to be doing it.

Check out the book! My Mother is part of the Tales from the Woods series.


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