Bear Wood: Where the Story My Mother (and Others) Takes Place

Bear Wood is a peaceful place where you’ll find people walking from here to there and children playing outside in their yards, up the road, or wherever they want. They are free to roam, and learn a great many valuable lessons for it.

It’s a beautiful area with plenty of woods, and many dirt roads leading to ponds, lakes, streams, cemeteries, and on up the mountain. It also has small clearings where families grow their own food. And it is home to a bear population, hence the name.

From the outsiders point of view, Bear Wood might seem too laid back, too slow; boring.

They don’t know the things that happen in Bear Wood.

Bear Wood has its share of problems, though, just like towns and cities surrounding the area. If you look hard enough you’ll find a family that grows pot, and one of moonshiners, and the little old lady selling homemade coffee brandy to survive. These people are not easy for outsiders to find, but they are there.

You’ll also find violent and otherwise insane people, not to mention the incidences of paranormal activity. It can be a crazy place.

Want to know what can happen in Bear Wood? Read these stories to get started.

     My Mother     The Face in the Window     Don’t go into the Woods Alone     Alone

Learn more on the Tales from the Woods Page.


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