Much Needed Breaks

If you’re on my Facebook page you may already know about my trials over the last few days. If you’re not, then let me explain.

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via February 2018

On Monday I wanted to send My Mother in for publication on This is something that usually takes no more than an hour and includes filling out book information, uploading the manuscript, uploading the book cover, and setting prices. This time around, things just did not seem to want to happen smoothly and I spent all afternoon on this task.

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong and just kept saving the manuscript and the book cover in different formats and retrying. Nothing seemed to be working. Finally, I tried the original format of the book for the third time and it took. Oh, and the original book format was what took as well. Go figure.

It wasn’t until very late that night that Amazon emailed to let me know that the book was available in their store, but I went into my account and captured the story immediately so I could start on the promotional efforts as quickly as possible the next morning. Normally, I’d have done this step late afternoon and then started a few promotional things later the same day.

Tuesday I packed my laptop, promotion list, and planner in my backpack and went to Aroma Joe’s to promote the heck out of My Mother. Everything was progressing smoothly until their internet went out completely, insofar as they couldn’t even use their cash registers.

It was quite the wait for their system to come back online, so I sat for a while making note in my planner of other things I needed to do. I’m not sure how long it was down but, when it finally came back up I started right back in with my promotional efforts. It was slow going; far slower than before the WiFi had gone down. I plugged away at it for about half an hour, then decided I’d get more done at home and left.

The internet went down here at home five times and, when it was up, it wasn’t always the fastest. It seemed like every time I would be almost finished a task this would happen. I fought this for a few hours.

Then I spilled a whole glass of water all over my desk. Lovely.   😦

I cleaned up the mess and decided to step away from things for a bit. I watched an episode of Numb3rs while I had some dinner and pampered myself a little. When I got back to the work in the evening, it was a little easier going, if still slow, but my mood was a much happier one for taking that much needed break.

This morning my internet went out three times in the first hour I was online trying to get things done. Finally it decided to work for about forty-five minutes, and I did get a lot done in that time, before going out again.

I took another much needed break and went for a walk: 51 minutes, 4,926 steps, and 439 calories burned – not that I really track calories, but my Fitbit does. When I got back I was sweating and had to turn the fan on in my room, and open a window. It’s about 50 degrees today.

I had a great walk, came home and watched another episode of Numb3rs, and am sitting at my desk with the window still open, typing this blog post. I’ve had another successful, much needed break, and am ready to get started again. And the internet hasn’t gone out the whole time I’ve been typing.

Let’s hope things go smoothly this evening.

My best friend mentioned that maybe this was all happening because it’s not supposed to happen right now. All I could say was that I don’t have time for that right now because I have to go back to work tomorrow, when my days off come to an end until Monday rolls around again.


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