Finished the First Draft of the Stalker Story

Vacation was wonderfully relaxing. I was able to hang out with loved ones. I read three books, and I wrote almost the entire manuscript for the stalker story – finishing it while on vacation. And I did some filing and watched some television. Mostly I relaxed, and I needed it. I came back to everything feeling refreshed, with new ideas.

Photograph copyright January 9, 2018.

The manuscript I finished is just a first draft, and will not be ready for publication this year. It will go through multiple edits before I even create the book covers and the other graphics, and the promotional plan.

The title = Scream Again

We had another storm during my vacation, so the snow that had melted was replaced by more. This storm was actually kind of pretty, having been able to watch it from my window while filing papers. Now it’s back to being just plain too cold. I really am just ready for spring.


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