A Busy Few Days Ahead

It’s that time again! I’m publishing another ebook this week.

The Woman in the Woods is part of the Tales of Magick series that I’ve been publishing stories for lately. It’s a stand alone story in the series, but I’ve been working on notes for both a prequel and a sequel. It’s a process, that will likely take a while.


But the original story, now edited, will be available soon. Tomorrow, barring any issues. (See my notes about last months problems publishing My Mother.) Now it seems kind of comical how things went down but, at the time, it was an incredibly stressful situation.

Today I’ll upload the manuscript and eBook cover to KDP. I will also be selecting keywords and categories, and creating a description – never an easy thing for me. I’ve already completed the graphics for promotional purposes and a few other things, but I have to update the about me page here on the site and do some other tasks.

Tomorrow, if all goes well, I will start the heavy-duty promotional stuff – completing most tasks by Wednesday evening while leaving a few things for the weekend and beyond.

I’m talking newsletter updates, blog posts, social media activities, and so much more. I wont have much time for anything else, but I hear tomorrow is supposed to be an incredibly nice day and I do plan to take a break for a nice long walk.

So, I’m off to get this ebook published!

Have a great day šŸ™‚


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