Published! The Woman in the Woods (Tales of Magick)

After last months struggles with getting My Mother out to you, I was a little nervous about how it would go this week preparing The Woman in the Woods for publication. It wasn’t exactly a perfectly smooth process, it never really is, but the issues were minor and easily and quickly taken care of. An overall good experience that kept the excitement of what I am doing alive. I am grateful.



Willa Cunningham has felt alone in the world most of her life. She’s really never fit in anywhere, even in the home she grew up in. Willa has abilities she does not understand that scare those around her and leave her feeling frightened and even more alone, eventually causing her to have to vacate her home and venture out on her own as she tries hard to live a low-key life.

Until she meets The Woman in the Woods, and her whole life changes.

The Woman in the Woods has been published and is now ready for purchase on Amazon. $2.99

If you enjoy the book, please leave a review for it. Thank you!

Happy reading!


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