A Crazy-Busy Schedule

During the winter months I have a lot of downtime at work leaving me with much extra time to work on my editing, blogging, and writing projects but, during the busy season at the Inn, there isn’t as much extra time. It’s when I’ll be spending less time on days off from the Inn writing, and more time editing and promoting. Not that I wont have any downtime while at work. Just not as much as I’ve been having.

eBook cover by Shannon L. Buck via Canva.com. February 2018.

I’ll continue to write the stalker series during this busy time, but it’ll be slower going. I have a number of ideas for these novella’s and am hoping to finish first drafts of at least two more this year.

The last two nights have been crazy busy at the Inn, and I didn’t get a chance to mark any of my own items off my to-do list, though tonight is slower and I’m trying to get caught up.

I’ve been doing some promotional stuff, and decided I wanted to write a blog post for here. I want to make sure everyone has had a chance to get the short story My Mother as well.

It’s definitely time to schedule less of my own stuff during the shifts at the inn.

Though we’ve had a few chilly days, spring is here. We have seen warmer days (yay!), and mom and I saw the first purple flowers springing up on someone’s lawn the other day. And, the snow from yesterday wasn’t even evident by the time I left the house today. The temperatures are getting warmer again. I love spring! It’s like a whole new beginning.

As if a full-time job and this writing things does not take up enough time, I’m also upping my miles of walking each week, using the hand weights a few times and week, and doing yoga. I feel healthier when I am exercising.

So, yes, this is going to be a crazy-busy season. My biggest goal is to continue publishing one story a month right through October, while taking December off from self-publishing.

I, of course, will have more to publish in 2019.




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