Published! You Don’t Know Me (Tales from the Woods)

Amazon got the book and it’s page and description ready quickly this time around. Last night I had everything uploaded and, by the time I got home it was published in their store. This morning I captured it to my Author Central, and within an hour it was in my Amazon store. I’ve been working on promotional stuff this morning, while working at The Inn. (It’s a slow day here.)

Photo and graphic by Shannon L. Buck, copyright April, 28, 2018.’ve got quite the little collection of stories going for this book series, and there are still more that I have to publish.

Check out You Don’t Know Me!

She doesn’t understand social cues. She is unable to form meaningful bonds with people. Will she trust the one person she is supposed to be able to count on to help her? The one who claims not to hold her past against her?

This Tales from the Woods story shows the dark side of what can happen in Bear Wood. Are you prepared?  Read it today for only $0.99   buy6

Enjoy the book!




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