When I was Little, I Wrote a Book

It’s been  month of memories, while cleaning out files. Amazing what you find when you take the time to do so. I’ve shared stories about my essay writing, and the poems I used to write, and now I want to share about a story I wrote when I was a little girl. I really have been writing a long time!

As you can see, I liked color! Haha! This must have been written in the spring, because it discusses what I’d hoped we’d do that summer. I was pretty young when I wrote this, but I seem to have known what I wanted, from visiting my grandparents in Pennsylvania to watching a professional baseball game.

I don’t know if it was that particular summer or not, but I do recall a visit to see my grandparents. I remember bunk beds in my aunts (?) bedroom, a toy snake, and a visit to a school with my Aunt. I also remember getting lost, and a woman asking me if I was Rose’s granddaughter and pointing me in the right direction of her house. I think all the houses looked alike.

According to my father, I loved to read when I was little too. I’m not surprised, as I do so love reading and writing now.



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