I’ve been Writing Short Stories for a Long Time

Recently I’ve been showing you writing projects I did while I was growing up. (See my posts about poetry, personal essays, and the book I once wrote.) I’ve obviously enjoyed writing for many years, and I don’t see that coming to an end.

To me writing is both exhilarating and relaxing. There is something thrilling about the process of writing and, when I’m done for the day, I feel less stressed and anxious, and more relaxed. It’s wonderful.

When I was younger, I even did my own artwork so I could have a “book cover”. Now I take photographs.


The “cover” above was done in 1986 to go along with my story The Old Shaw House, when I was in junior high school. I’ve been tweaking it, and thinking about publishing a more edited version as a short story, and then an expanded version that is more thought out.

I used to write a lot neater, I guess. 🙂 Now I have so many ideas I need to get out, that I hurry through it.

I also found a story I wrote during Mrs. Bakers adult ed English class.


Please, forgive the typos. Nothing was ever done perfectly with two little girls running around. ❤ Perhaps I’ll see if there is anything I can do with this story as well.

I’ve so enjoyed reading through each of these pieces of writing over the last few weeks. I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories that came along with them. I have just one thing left to share with you, so come back soon!


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