And I Wrote This

I’ve been showing you some of my writings from the past recently, to share memories with you and to show that I write more than fiction. You’ve seen posts about personal essays, poetry, short stories, and even the little book I wrote way back in grade school. I have enjoyed sharing the memories with you.

There is one other thing I wrote though, that comes with a different type of memory. It comes with a very important message to anyone thinking about suicide.


After my daughter’s father committed suicide, I was in counseling for months. As part of my healing process, he asked me to write a letter to people considering suicide. When it was complete, I left it with him. He called his editor friend at the newspaper, and they wanted to publish what I had written.

This is the most difficult thing I’ve ever written and, even now as I’m reading parts of it and writing to you, tears are sliding down my cheeks. It was difficult to write this letter, and it is still difficult to read.

I have some wonderful memories of the time he was with us, short as our time together was, and I cherish them even now. I only wish he could have been here to watch our daughter grow up, go to college, get married, and become a mother herself. I know he would be proud. ❤

This is the end of the post series about the different things types of writing I’ve done. Hope you’ve enjoyed it.


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