I’m Working on this Series

Last weekend I told you about the series I wrote (mostly) in 2017, so today I thought I’d talk a little about the series of novella’s I’m currently writing. A novella is shorter than a novel, coming in at anywhere between 17,500 and 39,999 words. My novella’s seem to be averaging about 35,500, but that could change during edits.

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via Canva.com. February 2018.

Until last year, I just didn’t have the attention span to write much more than a short story. I told people I thought I had adult ADD, though I don’t know if this is true. Every time I’d get part way through a book, a new idea would pop into my head and that is what I would concentrate on.

Then I wrote the series. And this year I started a new one.

While last year’s series followed one family from beginning to end, this years is a collection of stories with different characters in each. The series I’m working on now is about various stalker situations. Definitely darker in nature than the first series.

I’m only on the second novella, but I have plans for at least a couple more stories.

This is the first series I published:

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck, copyright 2018.

I hope you’re enjoying the short stories I’ve been writing. I’d appreciate any reviews from those who like them. Reviews go a long way in selling more copies.




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