Getting this Story Ready for Publishing

It’s been a pretty busy office day so far, and I’ve still got more to do. I’ve been working on the to-do list for Dark Surprises in Bear Wood, a new story I’ll be publishing soon that is part of the Tales from the Woods series. I’m pretty excited about it, as I know it will give each of you a more clear picture of (some) of the happenings in Bear Wood.

Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright May 22, 2018. list to get each story written, published, and promoted is only 14 pages long, haha. It will grow as I begin publishing in other locations.

Today I’ve written descriptions, decided on quotes, created the excerpt, printed copies of everything so far, and backed it all up. Twice.

I’m currently uploading photographs to my Dropbox, and hoping to find the perfect one to use for my book cover and graphics. Then I actually have to create those things.

I may take a break, walk up the road, and get an iced tea and a bagel. A break would be nice, and I’m sure turning the computer off for a bit will help it to run better when I get back.

Today I’m thinking a lot about Little Man while working. His father posted some pictures of their day at the car show, and I’ve been missing the little guy. I can’t wait to seem him this summer. And I’ve been missing his momma. They and my daughter Skye have my heart. And Zowie will be having a baby girl soon ❤

Happy Day!


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