Published! Dark Surprises in Bear Wood (Tales from the Woods)

It’s been a busy last couple of weeks preparing this story for publication, and an even busier last couple of days. Now all I have to do is promote the heck out of it. But it’s ready! And I’m excited about that.

Book coer and photograph copyright by Shannon L. Buck, May 2018.’ve already mentioned it on the Facebook page this morning, and sent out a newsletter, so the readers at those places know about it, and now I’m letting you know. I want others to share in my excitement, so please let your people in on it as well.

Dark Surprises in Bear Wood

Billy went missing a year ago, and now his sister is determined to find him. But what will Caley and her friends discover when they head out into the woods where Billy was last believed to be.

Mrs. Everett tried to persuade them not to go, but they did not heed her warnings. Now she waits, watching the woods from inside her home, hoping the children come back out, knowing her husband never did. $1.99   buy6

Please leave a review if you enjoy the book. Thanks!

Enjoy the new story,


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