What I do When I’m not Writing

It seems like I do a lot of writing and writing related activities, because I do. I work on my writing for at least a couple of hours on my days off (much longer during a publishing week), and during my downtime at The Inn. But I do other things as well.

I very much enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, and try to set aside for each person who is closest to me. We have lunch or dinner out, do some shopping, head to the coast, or even up north. We get together for the occasional family celebration, such as when Zowie is home.

Walking is another thing I enjoy, as well as yoga. And I do meditation, usually while enjoying the feel of a facial mask and listening to nature sounds. I also like trying out new, generally healthy, recipes.

Reading is also something I enjoy. Getting lost in a fictional world can be exciting. I give book reviews when I enjoy a story.

I love gardening and, though I rent a room right now and can’t have a real garden, I’m growing a few herbs and garlic scapes inside. I’ve gotten one harvest from each herb, and am looking forward to another.

I also like watching movies, looking at the night sky and contemplating life’s mysteries, visiting The Gardens, photography, and doing crafts. And so much more.

I’m a pretty well-rounded individual, who enjoys adventures and down-time equally ❤



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