What I’ve Been Doing

I’ve said that a lot goes into publishing an ebook, so I thought I’d give you a glimpse into what a typical three-day publishing event looks like for me. Keep in mind that a whole lot more is done before I get to this point, and even more will be done after this short period of time.

Book coer and photograph copyright by Shannon L. Buck, May 2018. https://www.amazon.com/Dark-Surprises-Bear-Tales-Woods-ebook/dp/B07D7JWR9Z/Activities on May 21, 2018

(A couple of hours)

  • Do another edit & change what needs it in the manuscript
  • Create a physical folder for the manuscript, etc
  • Print promo plan & begin filling it out & go over it to see if I need to add anything else; add to folder
  • Put previous drafts in folder
  • Get in a nice long walk and some relaxation and pampering activities – it is going to be a long week!


Activities on May 22, 2018

(All day & into the evening – Literally)

  • Start the day with yoga session, a hand weight session, and a healthy breakfast – it is going to be a long day and I’ll need the energy
  • Add front matter to the ebook, creating a new dedication & letter to readers
  • Add back matter to the manuscript, including an excerpt from another story
  • Perform a last grammar/spell check
  • Save to OpenOffice/Word/the cloud
  • Create a story excerpt in Google Docs & also save to OpenOffice
  • Print story excerpt
  • Create a description
  • Create quotes for graphics
  • Create graphics for quotes & download
  • Create book cover & download
  • Create description graphics & download
  • Pre-publication newsletter
  • Set a schedule in planner for posting quote graphics to social media
  • Share a story quote on FB & mention I’m getting ready to publish
  • Decide on price for story, keywords, & categories
  • Send to KDP for publishing
  • Walk

Activities on May 23, 2018

(Six-and-a-half hours)

  • Walk
  • Capture story on Amazon, so it goes onto my store page
  • Change FB cover photo to a quote graphic for the story
  • Add to Google Sheets promo schedule & add those dates to planner
  • Newsletter to let readers know story has been published
  • Blog post to let readers know story has been published
  • Update VisualCV
  • Announce on Instagram
  • Announce milestone on FB page
  • Write to blog posts & schedule to post later this week
  • Walk

It’s been a very busy few days, and this is my last thing I’m doing – writing and scheduling this blog post to go live in a few days. I can’t wait for that last walk, and I’m hoping it doesn’t rain on me!

There’s still so much more to do, but I’ve put a good dent in things.

Mind you I am also doing other writing related activities on these days, such as my 20 minutes of daily promotion for other books, blogs, and the site.

Have a great day 🙂



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