Things I Wish I’d Done

There are some things I wish I’d done when I started writing more than the occasional poem or story. For starters, I wish I’d been more serious about my writing back then. I should have kept files in multiple ways, such as a hard copy and a flash drive. I’m missing a few important stories that I’m having a hard time remembering, but would love to rewrite.

Graphic by Shannon L. Buck via February 2018.

And there’s more:

  • I wish I’d have taken more detailed notes for some of the stories I’m working on now, so as not to forget important details. I should have known I’d never keep all that information in my head. I’ve always had a horrible memory.
  • I wish I’d have a better filing system from the get-go, then I wouldn’t have had to spend time recently creating one.
  • I wish I would have spent more of my free time writing fiction. I would have so much more done!
  • I wish I would have gotten more into other artistic stuff, so I could be creating great book covers. But I really just wanted to be writing, and didn’t think about the rest of it until a couple of years back.


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