Took a Vacation

I had nine days off from The Inn, and only worked on writing related activities for three of those days. My first day of vacation I did my promotional activities for the week of the 11th through the 17th. I haven’t even touched this weeks tasks yet, but I’m back at The Inn for a couple of shifts this week. I also spent some time editing, which I’ll discuss in my next post.

Little Man May 20 2018Life cannot always be about work and writing. Sometimes it has to be about relaxing and spending time with loved ones. Doing things for yourself is also important.

I did a short hike on Monday after doing the promotional stuff, and walked downtown Tuesday to vote before picnicking at the park and talking with Zowie.

On Wednesday I relaxed and pampered myself a little, and on Thursday I cleaned and packed for my trip.

Friday mom picked me up early to bring me to the bus station, and I traveled to the Portland area to visit my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. Playing with Little Man is always bunches of fun. We played tag, and blew bubbles, and went for a walk.

While I was there, we took Little Man to his first movie in a theater. The one we went to is set up with tables and bars with chairs, rather than rows of chairs, because it is a dinner theater. We had lunch while watching Incredibles 2. Little Man, who will be three in just over a week, did so good.

What a blessing to be able to spend a few nights with Zowie and her family. And she found out just before bringing me back to the bus that she is 2 centimeters dilated. The doctor expects her to have the baby in a couple of weeks. Then I will have a Little Miss to love ❤

Monday was a dreary day, and I mainly relaxed after arriving home. I even took a nap. Then I went to Aroma Joe’s for breakfast on Tuesday and came home to unpack and do the laundry from my trip.

I miss them already, but should see them again in a little more than a month. By then, Little Miss will have been born.



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