Choosing Character Names

I write a lot of stories, and most of those stories have a number of characters. I employ a number of methods in finding the right names for each character.

Book cover copyright Shannon L. Buck, June 2018.For instance, I sometimes create a post on Facebook asking my friends and family to chime in with their favorite names for a particular type of person. Or I look through baby name sites.

And whenever a new phone book is delivered, I skim through each page and make note of any unusual names I come across.

I also read the credits after movies and shows. Most people turn the movie off at the end, but I usually just let it play through to the end. There are some interesting names in those lists.

I have a desk job here at The Inn and I meet many new people. This is a fun one for me because I get chat with the guest, find out the meaning of their name for them on a more personal level, and tell them that I write stories and will be using their name in a story at some point in the future.  They think it’s great!

~ Shannon


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