What I’m Working on Now

First, I’m still editing the first novella in the series I wrote between 2016 and 2017. I’m now on chapter 15 of the first read-through. I’m not sure how many edits it will go through before I’m done. This might take some time, as I have a fair amount of publishing to finish this year as well.

Ebook cover by Shannon L. Buck copyright June 2018. Want to know more about what happens in Bear Wood? The Woods gives you another glimpse at the horrors that live within. Will this little girl and her siblings make it out alive? Find out in this Tales from the Woods story.I’ve also chosen the next story I’ll be publishing, hopefully later this month. It needs a last edit, graphics, a promotional plan, and front and back matter.

And I’m still working on writing the second novella in the stalker series.

Other than that, I’m writing blog posts and doing some promotional stuff for earlier books. It will be a busy month, but I took the fourth off and might just take my birthday off toward the end of the month. Why not? We all need to take breaks sometimes.


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