The Shack (Tales of Magick)

The people who visit see a happy old lady; the witch in the woods. She lives peacefully enough, and has no complaints. No one bothers her, and she bothers no one. It’s lonely out here most of the time, so she enjoys it when someone knocks, unexpectedly, on her door. She invites them in, feeds them, offers them coffee or tea, and tells them their fortune. She knows what she is doing, and is always accurate, which is why they keep coming back. They talk for a while and then the company will look over what she has to sell.

A Tales of Magick Story:

Book cover copyright Shannon L. Buck, June 2018.A lonely old lady, living out in the woods on her own. What tragedies took place that led her to where she is, deep in the woods near the two rivers meet? (See the excerpt below)

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The witch in the woods also provides other services. She sews for people when they need it. She will can all of their produce from their own gardens, and she sells herbs and spices, all dried from hanging from her own ceiling. The shack that she lives in always smells of these fragrant plants from mid-summer to mid-winter.

No one knows what happens at night, at the place where the two rivers meet. No one dares go there after dark. It’s said that, at night, the spirit of a little girl haunts the rivers and the four corners of the woods.

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